Debate Topic; Marijuana

Here we are, one of the hot topics of today’s society! As the law concerning cannabis is different in every country, this can be an interesting debate and usually divides the class. Especially if yours is made up of a good range of ages.

Warm Up

Get an idea of the room by asking a few starter questions. Something like these;

  • What is the law concerning cannabis use in your country?
  • Do you agree with them?
  • Do you think that the drug has any medical benefits, as people claim?
  • If it is illegal where you live, what is the penalty for growing, selling, and using the drug yourself?
  • What opinions do you have on other drugs?

As always, try to split the class into equally weighted teams and give them an argument to defend. In this case, one for the legalisation of marijuana, the other for the reverse. If their opinions naturally fall this way, great! But if they don’t, or you want to challenge them a little, assign the arguments. A good time to teach the phrase ‘Devil’s Advocate’! If your students have a high level, try not to prompt them too much, let them have a natural conversation, interjecting when you need to for corrections and vocab help. If you think that they will struggle. Prepare some prompts with the ideas below.

If you would prefer a more conversational class on a similar topic, have a look at my conversation questions on drugs and addiction here. Conversation Questions – Drugs and Addictionnew-piktochart_20917848_3e3fc5f4c8e679c922140e50c1b2ee3d4483ef69



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