Debate Topic; Death Penalty

This is always a good one to get some strong opinions!

Starter Questions

  • Do you have the death penalty in your country?
  • If not, when was it abolished?
  • What other serious forms of punishment do you have? E.g. Whole life tariff.
  • Have you ever heard of a case where somebody was executed but then exonerated?
  • Do you agree with the death penalty?

As always, split your class into teams, either with their natural opinions or a side that you give them. If it’s a high level class, try to see how a debate develops without any prompts. If they’re not very chatty or need a little push, have a look at the ideas below!

Good Vocab to Teach

  • Capital / Corporal punishment
  • Exonerate
  • Execute
  • ‘An eye for an eye’
  • Retribution
  • Life imprisonment
  • Death row
  • Parolenew-piktochart_20909493_4ce48f758edfd3d372cdf14baa1433fe294b129b
  • If you want more of an open conversation lesson, try using some of the questions in the post here – Conversation Questions – Crime

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